Sunday Style: 30×30 Challenge (Autumn Edition) Week 1

Week one of the Autumn edition of the 30×30 Challenge from Kendi Everday.

The idea of the challenge is to be creating outfits for 30 days out of 30 items from your wardrobe. I’d just barely completed the Summer edition, I was missing I think 3 or 4 days.. =_=

Anyways. Week one 🙂

05.19.2014 05.20.2014

DAY ONE // Top: temt Skirt: valleygirl Jacket: valleygirl
DAY TWO // Top: temt Skirt: valleygirl Jackets: valleygirl and calvin klein

05.21.2014 05.22.2014

DAY THREE //  dress: temt/valleygirl jacket: an outlet store I think shoes: the warehouse
DAY FOUR // top: glassons (currently in store) skirt: forever new shoes: farmer

05.23.2014 05.24.2014

DAY FIVE // top: blueberry skirt: valleygirl shoes: farmers
DAY SIX // dress: forever new cardigan: glassons shoes: no.1 shoe warehouse05.25.2014

DAY SEVEN // top: glassons jeans: valleygirl/temt shoes: no.1 shoe warehouse