Sunday Style: 30×30 Challenge (Autumn Edition) Week 2

Second week of the 30×30 challenge for Autumn. Had some meetings related to my internship and possible paid work this week.

05.26.2014 05.27.2014

DAY EIGHT // Top: Blueberry Skirt: Valleygirl Shoes: Rubi
DAY NINE // Top: Farmers Skirt: Temt Shoes: Rubi

 05.28.2014 [2] 05.29.2014 [1]
DAY TEN // Top: Valleygirl Jacket: Asian Shop in town Jeans: Jay Jays Shoes: No. 1 Shoe Warehouse
DAY ELEVEN // Top: Glassons Jeans: Jay Jays Shoes: No. 1 Shoe Warehouse

05.30.2014 [3] 05.31.2014 [1]
DAY TWELVE // Top: Blueberry Skirt: Forever New (still available) Shoes: No.1 Shoe Warehouse
DAY THIRTEEN // Dress:  Valleygirl/Temt Shoes: An Asian Shoe Shop

06.01.2014 [2]DAY  FOURTEEN // Top: Pagani Cardigan: Can’t remember.. >< Jeans; Valleygirl Shoes: Mi Piaci