Tuesday Tip: Kiwi Kiss Restaurant (Review)



On Saturday night, BF and some friends went out to a restaurant that is tucked very much in the centre of the industrilized area of Great South Road (Greenlane end) that we found on Grabone.

First of all, my expectations were not very high, was thinking and comparing it my experience when I went to The Sugar Club (which I should re-post on here….) for my friend’s birthday late last year.  If you are familiar with The Sugar Club and/or from New Zealand you’ll know that it’s one of Peter Gordan’s restaurants so obviously you would have high hopes & expectations. To keep it brief, unfortunately I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was still pretty good but… the serving sizes were way too small! (Even for a tiny person like me!!)

So, anyways. Onto the actual point of this post. Didn’t have too high of expectations for this place. Though, from the

IMG_4944 IMG_4946COURSE #1 // Shredded Chicken Salad: This was good. I think even my favourite bit of the meal…..!

COURSE #2 // Palate Cleanser ~ lemon sorbet: So, this was obviously smaller than I thought, thought it would be something else much more sustainable and filling.

IMG_4948 IMG_4949

COURSE #3 // I forgot what this was called but there was a potato fritter with… some nut and herbs in it, which was my favourite part and a filo roll filled with… pretty much the entree salad carrot and such.. but still pretty good but the sauce from the chicken made it soggy 😦 The main chicken thing was probably my least favourite part of the dinner.

COURSE #4 // DESSEEEERT! Creme Bruleeee! This was pretty good but the portion size was pretty large. Than usual. Usually you’d get a smaller portion size. This was pretty big. Which is good! :]

Overall, this was a nice and enjoyable dinner. Nice conversations and company! ^^ It wasn’t as filling as say, going to Renkon but it was pretty filling. Maybe not for BF but for me, pretty good. The deal was $48 for a four-course meal that is usually worth $128. So, if I didn’t have the voucher, I probably wouldn’t go but because there was the deal, we went (obviously!). $128 is not worth the dinner, in my opinion. But I guess it’s free-range chicken so makes it a little bit pricey..


Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Review

nivea-lipbutter2   nivea-lipbutter1
On my weekly grocery shopping, I picked up a new lip product from Countdown. It was on special and I just can’t resist stuff that are on special! It is usually $5.49 and is currently on special right now for $4. This is their new flavour and I just can’t say no to pink and raspberries!

The Verdict (aka. short version): I loved the smell in the tin, the rich formula in which I could use just before bed to combat the dry lips feeling in the morning. Though, because of the rich formula, it does feel a little heavy on the lips so probably something to keep in mind if you don’t enjoy that feeling.

First Impressions: It has a really lovely light scent and is a dream to use. It has no obvious colour other than what is in the tin. I’ve only used it a couple of times since purchasing it…. yesterday, so don’t have anything deep to say about it. But will definitely let you know after using it for a month or so. From the first use, it feels quite light on the lips and the scent is really mainly in the tin. Definitely a little goes a long way if you don’t enjoy that strong product feeling/build up on your lips.

I did happen to use it just before bed and in the morning, my lips felt very moisterized and was not dry. Not that it usually is because I use Maybelline Baby Lips in Antioxident Berry but I think with this Nivea Butter, it is much more moisterizing and I can definitely feel the difference! The website mentions that it leaves “a soft shine of color… and a silky gloss” on your lips but for me, I could only see the gloss. Not a biggie for me as I see it as something extra to make my lips not so dry~feeling.

Last Words: So it is somewhat a little heavy (as described on the website as a “rich formula” but not too much that you feel a difference. I think you would only feel a difference if you were constantly licking your lips or rubbing them together. I would like it a lot more if it were in stick form but the little tin is pretty cute and could be re-used when it’s finished!

Available in other flavours (Unscented, Caramel Cream and Vanilla and Macademia) at Countdown supermarkets and online here via Countdown online shopping.

L.A. Colours Liquid Liner Review

LAliquidliner liquid_liner


Last week I went on a small make up shop at The Warehouse because for some reason I felt like playing with make up… possibly could have had something to do with completing 2 mystery shops and was feeling a little rich =_=

But anyways. I picked up a $5 liquid and pencil eye liner set from L.A. Colours to test out and to use the liquid liner for the first time to see if I liked it and such.

It took me a good couple of days to perfect a simple winged liner on my second eye of using liquid liner! It looks so very easy but is actually so hard! I now know and can definitely relate to how it can go oh-so-wrong and the little thought of “it’s okay, I can fix it with just a tiny little addition”… which turns out to be five million more “tiny additions” T____T

The Verdict (aka. short version): I would definitely recommend purchasing this, if only for the liquid liner. It lasts, easy to remove and really easy to use with its fine tip brush! More details and specifics below…

First Impressions: So. Onto the review of the actual product. I found the tip to be very easy to use although I had to trim off this little bit that was sticking out of the brush.. hopefully was just my one but after doing that, I really enjoyed using it, the fine tip brush was soft but not too soft that you couldn’t draw a good even line with it.  I found it to be useful to take off any excess product by touching the tip on the side of the tube how you would with nail polish or else I think you’d end up with too much product and therefore it wouldn’t give a clean smooth line. You can always dip it back in for more product if you need more, I think.

The longevity of the product was pretty good. If you don’t touch/rub your eye. I did and had to touch it up. Pretty easy to take off just a little tiny bit. I’m not sure how it would go down if you use setting powder but I’m just a casual and basic make up user so don’t use any of those products. By the end of the day (approx. 8 hours later), I found that the liner looked just as it was done 8 hours ago. Still perfect and dark in colour. As long as you don’t touch it during the day, but even if you do, it’s not a big deal to touch it back up. The thin tipped brush makes it easy to do so.

Oh, and nearly forgot! It was quite easy to remove, it wasn’t too hard or required any or much pulling though some bits didn’t want to leave, I found that a few swipes with make up remover on a cotton ball worked fine. (I used Maybelline  Clean Express Total Clean – review of that in another upcoming post~ :))

If you want to know further details or have questions, comment below.

I haven’t tested out the pencil yet but will definitely put up a post when I do 🙂