Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tip: Kiwi Kiss Restaurant (Review)



On Saturday night, BF and some friends went out to a restaurant that is tucked very much in the centre of the industrilized area of Great South Road (Greenlane end) that we found on Grabone.

First of all, my expectations were not very high, was thinking and comparing it my experience when I went to The Sugar Club (which I should re-post on here….) for my friend’s birthday late last year.  If you are familiar with The Sugar Club and/or from New Zealand you’ll know that it’s one of Peter Gordan’s restaurants so obviously you would have high hopes & expectations. To keep it brief, unfortunately I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was still pretty good but… the serving sizes were way too small! (Even for a tiny person like me!!)

So, anyways. Onto the actual point of this post. Didn’t have too high of expectations for this place. Though, from the

IMG_4944 IMG_4946COURSE #1 // Shredded Chicken Salad: This was good. I think even my favourite bit of the meal…..!

COURSE #2 // Palate Cleanser ~ lemon sorbet: So, this was obviously smaller than I thought, thought it would be something else much more sustainable and filling.

IMG_4948 IMG_4949

COURSE #3 // I forgot what this was called but there was a potato fritter with… some nut and herbs in it, which was my favourite part and a filo roll filled with… pretty much the entree salad carrot and such.. but still pretty good but the sauce from the chicken made it soggy 😦 The main chicken thing was probably my least favourite part of the dinner.

COURSE #4 // DESSEEEERT! Creme Bruleeee! This was pretty good but the portion size was pretty large. Than usual. Usually you’d get a smaller portion size. This was pretty big. Which is good! :]

Overall, this was a nice and enjoyable dinner. Nice conversations and company! ^^ It wasn’t as filling as say, going to Renkon but it was pretty filling. Maybe not for BF but for me, pretty good. The deal was $48 for a four-course meal that is usually worth $128. So, if I didn’t have the voucher, I probably wouldn’t go but because there was the deal, we went (obviously!). $128 is not worth the dinner, in my opinion. But I guess it’s free-range chicken so makes it a little bit pricey..