Friday Favourites: Lego block building!

IMG_4805   IMG_4804

Went along to the Henderson Night Markets and came across these cute Lego building block… figurines. They’re pretty cute. Pretty much got the cutest ones – a dog (that looks like Pluto ~ Mickey Mouse’s dog) and Yoshi!

Yoshi is a tad bigger I think with 130 blocks and the dog only had 60. Took me an hour to build the dog, so probably maybe hour and half for Yoshi? Probably will save that for another day.

Both together were only $27… probably not particularly worth $20 if it was for Yoshi but something novelty once in a while 🙂 Below are photo spam of the dog in all angles possible! That I could think of. (something else useless to add to my collectible collection~)

IMG_4791 IMG_4795IMG_4802 IMG_4798  IMG_4796  IMG_4797


Oh, and the Henderson Night Markets were a bit underwhelming, not as big as the Pakuranga or Glenfield ones…. but a good decent choice of food available. Henderson Night Markets are on every Friday (today was the first, I believe and it was just by chance that my friend and I were around that area and noticed it!) from 5.30 ~ midnight.

Sorry for the delay in posting this week! I do usually post on Tuesdays but things happen and just couldn’t. Hope you enjoyed the post! ^~^