Sweater Weather!

I am currently loving and seeing all things cute and patterned! It all started some time last year when I saw (and purchased my first) this super cute panda long sleeve from Valleygirl and promptly decided I needed to add fashion pieces that has some form of print on it. But, obviously it’s gotta be cute!

Today, I present to you: Sweater Weather by Glassons! I’m hoping I get some sort of an income soon so I can add some to my own collection~!

Most of these items are on special as well from $49.95 down to $29.99 so it’s a great time to pick some up for the upcoming winter weather! These are my picks of the cute from Glassons. Hope you enjoy! ♡

Glassons' Sweater Weather!
Dog Jumperr,  $29.99 / Wool Blend Jumper, $39.99


* (this post was not sponsored or affiliated with Glassons in any way. I just love their latest sweaters!) *
*(all photos used in this post and prices are current at time of post and in NZD from the official Glassons website) *



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