L.A. Colours Liquid Liner Review

LAliquidliner liquid_liner


Last week I went on a small make up shop at The Warehouse because for some reason I felt like playing with make up… possibly could have had something to do with completing 2 mystery shops and was feeling a little rich =_=

But anyways. I picked up a $5 liquid and pencil eye liner set from L.A. Colours to test out and to use the liquid liner for the first time to see if I liked it and such.

It took me a good couple of days to perfect a simple winged liner on my second eye of using liquid liner! It looks so very easy but is actually so hard! I now know and can definitely relate to how it can go oh-so-wrong and the little thought of “it’s okay, I can fix it with just a tiny little addition”… which turns out to be five million more “tiny additions” T____T

The Verdict (aka. short version): I would definitely recommend purchasing this, if only for the liquid liner. It lasts, easy to remove and really easy to use with its fine tip brush! More details and specifics below…

First Impressions: So. Onto the review of the actual product. I found the tip to be very easy to use although I had to trim off this little bit that was sticking out of the brush.. hopefully was just my one but after doing that, I really enjoyed using it, the fine tip brush was soft but not too soft that you couldn’t draw a good even line with it.  I found it to be useful to take off any excess product by touching the tip on the side of the tube how you would with nail polish or else I think you’d end up with too much product and therefore it wouldn’t give a clean smooth line. You can always dip it back in for more product if you need more, I think.

The longevity of the product was pretty good. If you don’t touch/rub your eye. I did and had to touch it up. Pretty easy to take off just a little tiny bit. I’m not sure how it would go down if you use setting powder but I’m just a casual and basic make up user so don’t use any of those products. By the end of the day (approx. 8 hours later), I found that the liner looked just as it was done 8 hours ago. Still perfect and dark in colour. As long as you don’t touch it during the day, but even if you do, it’s not a big deal to touch it back up. The thin tipped brush makes it easy to do so.

Oh, and nearly forgot! It was quite easy to remove, it wasn’t too hard or required any or much pulling though some bits didn’t want to leave, I found that a few swipes with make up remover on a cotton ball worked fine. (I used Maybelline  Clean Express Total Clean – review of that in another upcoming post~ :))

If you want to know further details or have questions, comment below.

I haven’t tested out the pencil yet but will definitely put up a post when I do 🙂


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