Retail Therapy



I bought some stuff today. I shouldn’t with my little income but I wanted to play with some new make up today.. so in comes Warehouse! …where everyone gets a bargain! 🙂

All up it was less than $20 for 5 items! Thanks Warehouse for being sooo affordable!!

What I Bought…

  • L.A. Colours Liquid and Pencil Eye Liner in BC136 Black ~ felt like testing out liquid eyeliner… and this was cheap -$5! AMAZING!
  • L.A. Colours Bronzer in BBR441 Glowing ~ felt like trying some bronzer too
  • Purple Paper Scissors Rock notebook ~ hoping to start using it as a Bullet Journal or possibly a slight variation of it.
  • Revlon Retractable Face Brush ~ for use on the go

So, look out for some posts coming up in the next few days! ♡


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