101 things in 1001 days

This is my full list of 1001 things I wanted to do in 101 days… I have yet to edit the ones that I have completed, the ones I can’t complete (due to one reason or another like money for example) and the ones I have till October 08, 2014 to complete. They will come in the form of blog entries. Which will be linked here.

January 10, 2012 ~ October 08, 2014.

  1. End of year trip (and return trip) to China and Hong Kong [2012]
  2. Celebrate my 24th birthday with close friends (friends I am in regular contact with)
  3. Organize my iTunes (fill in missing details)
  4. Save fortnightly for a year (2012 – 26 times)
  5. Completed photography course by MARCH 2012!!!
  6. Participate in a photoshoot once a month in 2012 (12 shoots)
  7. Watch 212 movies in 2012
  8. Read 12 books in 2012
  9. Before the end of 2012, make thanks posts to seven friends – the seven days before christmas of thanks!
  10. Comment on 3 blogs a week for a year (2012 – 52 times)
  11. Monthly Goal Review (31 entries)
  12. Have $2,000 in savings
  13. Post up weekly photo summaries for a year (2012 – 52 times)
  14. Complete four 30 for 30 Challenges in 2012
  15. Not miss one day of DailyFratze from Jan 10, 2012 onwards (366 photos)
  16. Track my spendings monthly for 12 months (12 spending summaries – 2012)
  17. Put up 3 new quotes a month for 12 months on my Quote Wall – 2012 (12 times)
  18. Mid year trip in 2012
  19. Launched the “website” by the end of 2012
  20. Have a modelling portfolio
  21. Have $5,000 in savings
  22. Craft once a month until I have made everything in the Super Cute book I bought in 2010
  23. Watch all of Gossip Girl from the beginning
  24. Watch all of Bones from the beginning
  25. Volunteer/get work experience at a magazine
  26. Watch all of How I Met Your Mother from the beginning
  27. Watch all of Modern Family
  28. Travel to another country (not including Australia, China or HK)
  29. Travel to 4 new places in New Zealand
  30. Have $10,000 in savings
  31. Have $17,000 in savings
  32. Watch 213 movies in 2013
  33. Read 30 books in 1001 days
  34. Travel to USA before the end of 1001 days
  35. Have the “website” be successful
  36. Small Event Planning for friends and others
  37. $20,000 in savings ?
  38. Watch the sunset
  39. Watch the sunrise
  40. Take photos of a sunset
  41. Take photos of a sunrise
  42. Contribute to a magazine 7 times
  43. Become a regular contributor
  44. Contribute to a online website 8 times
  45. Complete a postgraduate degree in Communications
  46. Weigh 40 kgs
  47. Go to China and Hong Kong again before 2014
  48. Have $100,000 in savings at the end of 1001 days
  49. Buy an apartment or house either to live in or rent out
  50. Start to buy my own household items
  51. Buy a DSLR camera
  52. Ask a guy out
  53. 3 mid year trips!
  54. Kiss someone on New Year’s Eve
  55. Spend NYE’s in New York
  56. Get a cat, dog or both
  57. Create an inspiration board or notebook
  58. Get a job in the communications industry
  59. Participate in a photography competition
  60. Summarize each year since I started “living”/create a yearly highlights entry ending with 2013
  61. Travel to Australia. Twice
  62. Approach reputable modelling agencies by the end of 2012
  63. Create a photoblog
  64. Create a corkboard
  65. Start a portable herb garden
  66. Maintain different savings accounts for different things
  67. Buy a new laptop
  68. Create a new friendship book
  69. Compile and create a yearly playlist
  70. Get a penpal
  71. Complete another Grace in Small Things
  72. Merge all of my LJ accounts into one!
  73. Buy a skipping rope
  74. Have an “Emergency Fund” with the equivalent of 3 – 6 months pay
  75. Improve culinary skills ~ Know how to make, bake and cook simple recipes from the top of my head [i.e. simple pastas, soups and desserts!!]
  76. Learn the basics of car maintenance
  77. Begin to learn how to play the piano
  78. Have a picnic
  79. Have high tea at home with friends. Twice
  80. Learn 10 simple fixes such as how to fix a broken zip, hemming and take in a shirt to make it fit
  81. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies
  82. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
  83. Complete Project 365 Challenge
  84. Complete one A Day In Your Life
  85. Complete the 100 Snapshots Challenge
  86. Create a photography portfolio
  87. Collaborate with a model for my photography portfolio
  88. Learn how to use photoshop. Properly
  89. Learn how the functions of a DSLR
  90. Learn how to drive a manual
  91. Maintain (LJ-ing regularly) an LJ
  92. Take photos of Auckland, preserving it for years to come (instead of relying on memory)
  93. Travel to the end of the South Island
  94. Travel to the South Island
  95. Travel to the bottom of North Island
  96. Find and complete a book challenge to complete
  97. Create playlists for different emotions and such
  98. Create a list of “lunches to make” for work
  99. Create a list of Breakfasts/Brunches to make
  100. Exercise 3 times a week for a month
  101. Start a food diary and/or blog
  102. Go to the museum
  103. Identify 100 things that make me happy
  104. Create a paper and online scrapbook
  105. Go to a day spa
  106. Get a manicure/pedicure

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